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The essence of the exhibition is to expand the influence of the company’s brand!
Exhibitors aim to present their company’s brand effectively to potential customers in a specific space and short time.

The design and construction of the stand a pivotal role in ensuring this distinctive core value is fully realized:

Serving as the central and timeless element, it forms the crux of exhibition assets. A well-executed show can enable target customers to quickly and clearly identify the key aspects and personality of the exhibition and company, leaving a lasting impression. This prompts customers to recognize, appreciate, and even develop a fondness for the project, opening doors to potential collaboration opportunities.

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We based on the principle of 3G (Good Quality, Good Service, Good Price), we are committed to becoming a high-quality exhibition design and booth construction provider in the European exhibition industry!

Drawing upon many successful cases, we have mastered the art of harmonizing ‘specific exhibition space’ with ‘unique creative solutions.’ Our expertise has assisted many companies in making a significant impact at international exhibitions. The positive feedback from our clients underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional exhibition experiences.

From scheme design, construction drawing production, exhibition reporting, booth material production and transportation, booth construction to dismantling, etc., we pay attention to every detail and tailor the best solution for you.


We make our management skills available to our customers for all phases of the work, from stand design to construction (assembly-disassembly setup), etc.

Customized design

We create the design of the customized stand, accompanying and supporting the customer in every phase of the process.

Stand of Quality

We create the stand of quality, thanks to the contribution of highly specialized personnel present in every single operational sector.

Cost control

We create constructive solutions, while applying a cost control policy that is as advantageous as possible for all customers.

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