We provide customers with series of customized design, production, logistics and booth setup services. The designer works together with experienced stand production teams from the start to ensure every perfect detail of the customized stand.​

Exhibition design and set-up

Experienced designers make each custom stand unique giving the brand maximum value.

In the warehouse we have carpentry, electrician and printing of materials etc., to able to work for all types of stands.

Our teams of designers, logistics and experienced construction personnel supply exhibition stands in Europe and our partners can assist you around the world.

Setting up showrooms, events and shops

We cater for setups for events, museums, showrooms and shops, etc. Show history and culture for museums, create eye-catching brand displays for fashion and conferences, and create romantic and unforgettable scenes through meticulous decorations for weddings and parties, etc!

From design to the display of objects, from scenography to lighting effects…, using creative and professional techniques to give each event a unique charm and create an unparalleled experience. We ensure your event is a complete 360 degree success.

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